Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of Preschool

I knew the first day of school would be hard for Avery because she clings to me everywhere. So I tried to get them used to the idea of going to school by driving over there and letting them walk around and see the playground. They were also excited about getting a backpack, like the song on Dora the Explorer. It seemed to work because Ava wasn't scared at all. Avery let me kiss her goodbye, but later told me that she cried. They survived their first day and I had a much needed day off. Can't wait for many more!

Avery is all smiles...

Ava is ready to go...

They are going to Noah's Ark Preschool, at a Christian Church called Quartzhill Foursquare. I believe it is Penecostal. We are not Pentacostal, but a lot of ladies in my mom's group had good things to say about this preschool, so I trusted them and here we are.

The girls with their teacher, Miss Faith.

Seeing the Sights

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Griffith Park

We started the day by picking up Grandpa Bob (Caroline's grandpa) and taking him for a belated 93rd birthday lunch. It just so happened to be one of the hottest days of the year!

The next stop was Griffith Park to let the girls ride on the miniature train. The girls both sat stoic for most of the ride. When the last whistle blew, Avery lost it.

Next we headed to the merry-go-round. The girls enjoyed it at Disneyland, so I thought it would be fun. However, when it started, it went WAY too fast and the horses went up and down too fast, which led to screaming and mayhem. We spent the remainder of the ride in the sleigh!

Oh well, maybe next year!

The Crown Fire ~ Too Close to Home

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Monday, September 13, 2010


I don't think this needs much explanation, but I'll go ahead anyway. My husband refused to put the baby locks on the bathroom drawers and I attempted and couldn't do it, so my make-up was always at the mercy of the girls. On more than one occasion I have cleaned my foundation off the floor. These pics are actually of two different times. The make-up on the floor pic shows some pink lipstick (which does not come out!) The pics of the girls occurred just hours after the carpet cleaner left. They got into the mascara and painted their faces with it. Ava gave me a few good poses, but Avery was clearly upset by my reaction. Luckily for me, the carpet guy was coming back the next day to cut out and repair a spot on the carpet from the nail polish they had spilled. He was nice enough to clean the make up spot again for me at no charge.

Independence Day

For the Independence Day celebration this year we went down the road to the local amphitheatre and paid $5 to see a performance from Lonestar followed by the best fireworks I have ever seen. They shot them right over us. My neighbor said it was like the scene in star wars flying through the stars at warp speed. It was pretty fabulous. And I LOVED Lonestar. The girls however, thought it was all too loud! Oh well, can't please everyone:)

Birthday Girls

For the girls' birthday we went to Chuck E Cheese with their playgroup.
They love that place and eat extremely well! Avery has a thing for the
Chuck E statue and will spend most of her tokens on this ride!

Ava and her pal, Charles, liked the roller coaster simulator.
Ava spent a majority of her tokens here.

They were spoiled again. But it is so fun to give them presents
because they play with ALL of their toys. Which does make
it hard to pare down.

They LOVE cupcakes and so we decided to go that route.
And of course it is chocolate! They are still getting used to
the concept of blowing out candles.

How old are you Ava?

Happy 3rd Birthday Girls!

Summer Lovin'

I tried to put these photos into a slide show, but the slide show website hates me. I always do it three or four times, this time I had it so cute, but it wouldn't save! So this is what we get. I got a lot of random pics of our summer and thought I'd throw them in. We had fun swimming, going to the beach, enjoying popscicles, bugs, the garbage truck, sidewalk chalk, hot dogs and just plain fun!