Friday, July 22, 2011

Darin took the girls on their first "Daddy Daughter" dance at church.

There was a time when we wondered if the day would ever come to have kids and

get to do the traditional things like this. It was a western theme but we don't have

cowboy get-up, so we dressed them up in patriotic outfits instead. I thought they

looked just darling, with the cute braids as a finishing touch!

They were very excited to go to the dance with daddy and had a dandy of a time!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Christmas Hats

For Christmas, the girls were given homemade hats from their
friend/ babysitter, Sydney. They LOVE their hats and insisted
on wearing them home. Aren't they adorable!

Snow Day

One perk of moving to Reno is that the girls get SNOW DAYS!!
They were so excited to play in the snow. They had a snowball fight,
made snow angels, and just ran from place to place. They even
helped me scrape the driveway. If this keeps up, we'll have to
buy appropriate snow gear!
They were so happy!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Red Rock

In between moves we were able to stay with Darin's parents instead of in a boring hotel. The girls had lots of fun playing with nearby cousins and aunts and uncle. And they LOVED spending time with Mimi and Grandpa Ernie... and the dogs! The in-laws live in St. George, Utah, which is a beautiful place with lots of red rock and lava rock. I took the girls up to "Dixie Hill", I think they call it, and we explored and took lots of pics.