Saturday, December 18, 2010

Halloween Garb

This year for Halloween, since I still get to decide what they are going to be, I chose an Angel and a Devil. And it was pretty fitting for their personalities at the time I purchased them, but I did wish I had switched them a couple of times:) They both loved their costumes and Avery really got in to the part quickly, as you can see in the photos. When we went trick-or-treating, they girls heard a motorcycle as soon as we opened the door (they are terrified of motorcycles) and after spending so much time on their make-up, I pretty much had to force them to go door to door. Thus the photo of Ava crying. Avery is too, her head is just turned:)

Lil' Pumpkins

Took the girls to the pumkin patch a little late this year. But we got some good pics! We were in a rush and didn't get to do all the activities they have. We didn't even get any pumpkins. It was more of a photo op!

Happy Birthday to Me

By the time my birthday came around, Darin had already accepted a new job in Reno, NV and was living there. He was able to fly home for my birthday and he and the girls took me to my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, for my birthday lunch. The next day we had to take him back ot the airport and so I persuaded him to stop at the Vasquez Rocks, unique rock formations just outside of our town. I had always been interested in seeing them, and since we would be moving, I thought this was my chance. They were very interesting and the girls loved playing in the dirt!

Celebrations in Phoenix

We took a very long road trip with two potty training toddlers from Palmdale, CA to Phoenix, AZ. It was a good 6 hours, with several stops on the side of the road. We went to be a part of our neice, the girls' cousin, Amanda's baptism. All of Darin's family were there and we had a good time. Amanda is such a sweet, loving girl and is eager to learn! We also took the time, while we were all together, celebrate my mother-in-law's upcoming 60th birthday. We planned an Italian themed surprise party for her (it's easy to plan a surprise party when you are a month early!) It was a lot of fun to plan and everyone had a great time. The girls love spending time with their cousins and had a ball. They especially liked that Aunt Jen brought her new pug puppy, Max.