Thursday, September 24, 2009

Station Wildfire Aug/ Sep 2009

The wildfires this year started early with the Station Fire. This fire originated near La Canada, CA, near where my grandpa lives. This fire was unusual because it quickly spread without any wind. This area hadn't burned in 60 years or so, so there was plenty of fuel to allow it to spread. It was amazing how fast it was. Though it was about 40 minutes away, the smoke filled the air in our town. Ash began to fall and it was very eerie outside. The sun was obscured by the smoke which gave a yellowy tinge to everything.

It was interesting to see the smoke patterns. These hills are across the street from our home and you can see where the sky was very blue, and the smoke was slowly moving our way. They used old bombers to assist in putting out the fire and these planes would fly directly over our house as they were coming back to refuel. This fire spread in both directions from La Canada and started coming our way to Acton, but were finally contained before spreading further. It definately made this fire seem more real than just watching it on television. We somehow felt apart of the action/tragedy.

On August 30th we could actually see the glow of the fire in Acton over our hills across the street. I couldn't get it to show up on film, but it was very scary how easily it could be us. While I was out trying to get a picture, there was a knock at my door, and over the next hour or so, we got the tragic news.

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